Centre for Sustainable Development of the Mountain Association /CSDM/  was established on 20 of February 1997 and registered in the District Court of Smolyan, Bulgaria from well-known doctors, historians, philosophers, economists, journalists, lawyers,  engineers, teachers, ecologists and others.

CSDM is non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization. Its mission, strategy and aims are focused on the research of different spheres of live in the region, the preservation of the environment, implementation of projects for sustainable development of the mountain, enhancement the local self-government and local authority, support to the EU integration and cross border cooperation.

The mission of CSDM is to support the local community through initiatives and activities for information and active citizens’ participation in the process of making decisions of common problems from different character – ecological, social, economic and cultural.

The overall activity of CSMD is directed to the people, who live in the mountain and aims to create more prerequisites for better and sustainable living conditions and environment for the local community and the development of working model for economic growth and occupation opportunities, combined with the environment-friendly use of the mountains’ resources.

Young people, people at risk and disadvantaged people from different religious groups are the main target group of the implemented by the association projects in the period 1998-2015, as follows:

- Project “New Horizons for the Disadvantaged Young People from the specialized schools in the villages of Turian and Chokmanovo”, financed by the British Know-How Fund;

- Project “Rhodopes are Returning Back to Europe: Contemporary Aspects of the European Integration in the District of Smolyan”, financed by the Delegation of EC in the Republic of Bulgaria;

- Project “Travelling School for Religious Tolerance between Young People – European Standards for Equal Human Rights through Ethno-religious Dialogue”, funded by Youth Programme;

- Project “Integration through Information – Development of Communication Strategy for Overcoming of Unemployment Rates in the Town of Rudozem and the villages Elhovets and Chepintsi”, funded by PHARE Programme;

- Project „Learning to Live in Harmony with Nature! Civil Initiatives for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection in Rural Areas”, funded by NGO Programme in Bulgaria, with the support of  EEA Financial Mechanism  2009-2014.




Doctor Moni Turnaliev, - Manager of Medical Centre – Smolyan, allergist;


DEPUTY CHAIR of MB - Doctor Rosen Hadzhiivanov – neurologist

Mrs. Slavka Radicheva – journalist

Mrs. Aneta Shehonova – specialist, experienced in project proposal elaboration and management, Smolyan municipal administration in the mandate 2004-2011  

Mrs. Radoslava Kutsova- philologist


Dr. Todor Zgurov – Director of the Regional Library – Smolyan, NGO sector  

Mrs. Rabie Kyoseva – expert in Protokol, and organization of events and trainings, NGO sector Smolyan municipal administration in the mandate 2004-2011  

Mrs. Radka Tuneva– Expert Regional Development, Regional administration – Smolyan  

Mrs. Sevda Kokarova – Accountant, Manager of Accountancy Company

Mrs. Angelina Mavrodieva – specialist, experienced in trainings on environmental protection, herbs and species. 

Проект BG 05/1719 “За живот в хармония с природата! Граждански инициативи за устойчиво развитие и опазване на околната среда в селските общини на област Смолян”, се финансира в рамките на Програмата за подкрепа на НПО в България по Финансовия механизъм на Европейското икономическо пространство 2009-2014 г. Този сайт е създаден с финансовата подкрепа на Програмата за подкрепа на неправителствени организации в България по Финансовия механизъм на Европейското икономическо пространство. Цялата отговорност за съдържанието на сайта се носи от Сдружение "Център за устойчиво развитие на планината" и при никакви обстоятелства не може да се приема, че този документ отразява официалното становище на Финансовия механизъм на Европейското икономическо пространство и Оператора на Програмата за подкрепа на неправителствени организации в България.